A Madeira story: The day we had to stand up early in the morning

This post is a bit different from the others as it has absolutely no information about moving to Madeira. But it tells one of the stories that made us move to Madeira and we also want to share that. On our first vacation (and any other vacation to follow) in Madeira we stayed at aContinue reading “A Madeira story: The day we had to stand up early in the morning”

A birthday like on Madeira

Recently it was my birthday and I want to share two videos with you guys. The original plan was to celebrate in the middle of the Pacific – somewhere around the International Date Line, to be precise. I wanted to get older, take a flight to another island and be young again! Well, that didn’tContinue reading “A birthday like on Madeira”

Building pre-built modular houses in Madeira

Tiny homes, minimalist style and modular construction have become so popular in the last few years! Find out why I am not going to build a modular pre-built house in Madeira.