Hi! We are Hana and Ben and sometimes also Jil and this page is supposed to act as a journal about our biggest adventure yet: moving to an island.

When we started this blog we were 29, 30 and 24 years old and based in Vienna, Austria. This is also where Hana works as a scientist. Ben and Jil on the other side have a remote job, so they can basically work from wherever they want. One of the things we can’t quite believe is that Ben and Jil were born in a country that does not have direct access to an ocean/sea. Hana was more fortunate in this respect, however (was) moved to Austria as a baby. We love plants, dogs, research, the ocean, diving, parrots, sunsets, surfing (and all kinds of sports), music, sitting silently in the sun, being in nature and banana trees. Also mango trees and in fact anything that is tropical. We have visited 25+ countries on our beautiful planet and really do mean it when we say that we love travelling and exploring new things. As much as we love most animals, we really do not enjoy seeing them dead on a plate. Indeed, there are not much things that we hate, but we believe life would be a better place without bad weather, mushrooms, war and enormous crowds of people.

We visited Madeira, a little Portuguese island, in 2015 for the first time. This is also when ‘Madeira’ turned into our biggest hobby. Jil joined as a year later. We absolutely fell in love with this place and decided after just one week that we want to move there one day. The universe was on our side, after many visits (and three years) we bought a plot on our favourite cliff on the island. But more on that later in our upcoming blog posts. Peace out and lotsa love, Hana, Ben and Jil.