Do not move to Madeira if…

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Right here at the beginning of this post, let me say that everything you are about to read below is my opinion, and doesn’t have to be yours. Obviously, I have more reasons for moving to Madeira than against. Nevertheless, there are a few (really only a few) – here they are!

You’ve never been to Madeira

Well, what can I say? So many of you have written to me about your future plans and some have really not been to the island yet. Some even asked my opinion on this rather bold subject. Honestly folks, don’t do that. Unless you’re absolutely sure, but again, don’t do that. I know so many who fell in love with the island on their first visit to Madeira. I know almost as many who fell out of love with it on their next visit. And there are also a lot of people who were completely disappointed. So come over and then decide. No rush.

You think you will have a better life there because your government in your home country has taken measures against the pandemic that you do not like

Believe it or not, almost all governments have taken action against this much hated pandemic. There are also restrictions in Madeira. Presumably they seem harmless compared to your home country, but they are in effect nonetheless. The effects of the pandemic are really bad for all tourist areas in the world, because of the pandemic life in Madeira is certainly not as nice as you might think.

You haven’t settled your financial questions yet

Quite frequently people ask me if, in my opinion, they could rent part of their future home in Madeira and live with the money they make that way. It clearly depends on what they think they are offering tourists, but in general this will only be enough to cover running costs and bills. I don’t think anyone can survive just renting a room or studio. And I don’t think anyone moving to Madeira will find it easy to find a job either. So make sure you can keep your current job and work from the island instead 😉

This blog motivated you to do so

I honestly absolutely don’t want to be the reason anyone makes such a decision. Ben and Jil don’t want to have anything to do with it either 😀 And I am sure that any other blog or video you find on this topic doesn’t have this intention as well. Guys, sometimes the stories and videos about Madeira seem so nice and simple that anyone would believe they are just that and that there is never a bad side. But there always is! In fact, many who moved to Madeira say that there is always a different side to the story as well.

If any of the reasons above weren’t a reason for you not to move to Madeira, please let me know! Maybe you can convice me otherwise (for some of the points at least). Have fun, peace out, Hana.

5 thoughts on “Do not move to Madeira if…

  1. I’m not convinced! 😉

    No, we’ve never been to Madeira. Yes, we plan to move there in late September.

    Ideally we would have loved to visit the island, and the mainland for that matter, many times, but as with most in the past 15 months those plans got side tracked by COVID.

    We are retiring in the U.S. in 37 more days. For various reasons including practical and desirable Portugal has been our intended destination for several years. This is based on extensive research and relationships with those that have gone before us.

    We have to start somewhere. Moving to Madeira seems no riskier than moving anywhere we’ve not lived before. It would be the same if we moved to Lisbon or the Algarve or the Silver Coast. We’re not afraid of an adventure.

    Worse case, we can always move again. But, from our vantage point and based on relationships with Americans already living on the island it checks as many (and more) of our wish list items for what we want in retirement than any other unknown Portuguese location.

    We don’t view our decision as flippant or romanized, though I’m sure we’ve been swayed by beautiful pictures and glowing reviews.

    I’ve always appreciated your perspective and honest accounts but ultimately we must all experience it for ourselves.



    1. Hi Bill! Thanks for your comment. I totally agree, we must all experience it for ourselves. I hope that all will be fine for you – actually I am quite sure that everything will be just wonderful. Good luck and welcome to the island 🙂 Hana


  2. Hi Hana, would you be able to put us in contact with Bill? Our situation is quite similar in that we are retiring and currently living in Tucson. We also have done extensive research and feel we know what we want and if it doesn’t work out we can always move somewhere else. Thanks!


    1. David, Bill saw your comment and sent me his email address. So if you send me yours via the contact field in or by typing it in the response to this comment, I can send you Bill’s contact email address. Don’t worry, I won’t approve your comment here, so nobody else will see your email address.


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