Tiny houses in Madeira

I have never mentioned it here in the blog, but the concept of tiny houses is something I really like. There is this YouTube channel called Living Big In A Tiny House that I’ve been following over the past few years and the houses they show there are just incredible! If you don’t know this channel but like the general idea of building a small house, you have to check it out!

Tiny house movement

The whole tiny house movement is about rethinking our way of life: Do we actually need a house with three bathrooms? Does every child need to have his or her own room? Do I need a living room that is 50m2 big? Do I really want to pay for all of that? Energy costs are increasing with the size of the house. Construction costs are higher the bigger the house is. And probably the most important aspect: our footprint is bigger. So by trying to reduce all these things and getting rid of all the stuff they don’t need, people end up building and living in tiny houses (which are usually built from containers). Of course, too tiny is not for everyone and I definitely don’t want to tell anybody how to build their homes, but I think it might be a good idea to really sit down a moment and rethink. What do you really need? I don’t need that much and to be honest, I definitely have more than I need.

Anyway, when we bought our land in Madeira we considered building such a tiny house (or two of them).

Are there tiny houses in Madeira?

In 2018 we started looking for such houses and companies that offer them but all of the houses we found had to be constructed elsewhere and then shipped to Madeira. This is also when we found out about the Treehouse of JULAR, a Portuguese company (or other pre-built modular houses, more information here). We found out that for a tiny house we would still need to get a building permission and this, together with the fact that we couldn’t find a tiny house company in Madeira, we decided against building and living tiny.

But last week I was scrolling through Facebook and you guys: there is a tiny house company in Madeira now!  They are called PT.M Tiny Houses Madeira and this is their homepage. I will also add their Facebook and Instagram below, because they have more pictures and videos there than on their homepage.

The tiny house I like best is the one in the video here.

As we already (kind of) have a plan now for our house we do not really need a tiny house any more. Still we thought, well why not put an additional tiny house on our land if it is not too expensive and then use it as a guest house when friends and family visit.

Did we buy a tiny house and why/why not?

We contacted the company via Instagram and they invited us to come see them directly or to have an online meeting with them to discuss all the details. They have standard tiny houses that you can buy as they are, but you can also change everything and they would also design your dream tiny house if you wanted to. They are built pretty fast, 1-3 months but still we decided against buying one. The only reason is that in our case it would be more expensive to buy a tiny house than building a standard home of roughly the same size as a tiny house, because we will be already building our main house and an additional small house would not increase the costs by much. The costs for the tiny houses start at around 37.000 euros, which is not so cheap considering that the construction cost for one square meter is more or less 1.000 euros. Of course, much more is implicitly included in the tiny house, like the floor and construction plan and also most interior – but given that we already have an architect and a construction plan and all these things that we have to pay for anyway, it is simply too expensive for us.

If you are considering living in a tiny house, you should definitely check out this company! They are very nice and helpful. And if you were wondering what crazy picture this is on top of this post, this is an idea we had with a tiny house two years ago. I designed it using The Sims (yes, the life simulation video game – don’t judge me for using this game to construct a house plan). An architect friend helped me out and did the floor plan using a real software for architects for the tiny house/loft, where you have the kitchen, living room and bathroom on the ground floor and then stairs to the bedroom above the kitchenette. The house is blue because I love the color and with a thatched roof, just for the style of having one haha 😀 this is a very old design, and I cannot promise we will ever have such a house. But wouldn’t it be cool? Lotsa love, Hana.


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