Building pre-built modular houses in Madeira


Modular houses have become increasingly popular around the world. They are easy to build and pre-built, which usually means there are no hidden costs. They are especially good for tiny houses and sometimes people call them container houses as well! I think that they are also well suited for people that want to live a minimalist and sustainable life. Most companies claim they can build a house in three months, which sounds wonderful! For this reason, we initially wanted to have a modular house in Madeira.

Modular houses in Portugal

There are some companies in Madeira that build such houses, and there are such companies in Portugal too. Last time I checked there was a nice company that has several prefabricated houses with shipping and construction in Madeira called DiscoverCasa. On their homepage you will find several models from T0 to T4 (ie 0-4 bedrooms). Their prices differ from model to model, but they used to have some special offers, like this one here, which is a T2 under 40,000 euros (before VAT). Obviously, you will have to pay for changes, furnishing (bathroom and kitchen), shipment and construction but this is still a very nice price. When I was looking at their homepage two years ago they had more information about their prices, which I cannot find anymore. But I remember they are very nice and very quick to answer any questions – so you can just ask them. I think wooden houses look a little strange sometimes, but DiscoverCasa offerings, with that minimalist style, look very good to me. The price isn’t too high either, so it might be an option for many.

Another company in Portugal that I really like is JULAR. They look modern and functional and are also based on a wooden modular construction. Two years ago their prices ranged from 650 Euro to 1,200 Euro per m2, depending on the finishes. I don’t know if much has changed in that, but at the time it seemed like a reasonable price to me. The house I loved was this one here. There are many more such companies in Portugal and also in Madeira but these are the ones that I had most contact with. The only one that I still want to mention here is MYMODHOUSE (this is a Facebook page) because they are located directly on the island. There is not much information on their homepage, but there are some pictures on Facebook. They however seem to focus more on sustainable construction than on modular houses.

Consult an architect for modular houses

Another company I have consulted over the past few years is MSB-Arquitectos (this is again a Facebook page, their homepage seems to be under construction). They are indeed architects who also build regular (non-modular) houses, but I found them when I was researching modular houses in Madeira. Their office is right behind La Vie in Funchal. I had a very pleasant meeting and they explained what they are doing. Basically they have these prefabricated modules that can be glued together to form a house. If you take the modules as they are, or if you only take modules of the same size, everything is fine. For example, I could take modules that are 3×2 meters and then assemble them the way I wanted. It is also possible to use larger building blocks with 10 m2 modules (and even more). The problem with this, however, is that the more you have to customize things, the more expensive it gets. So if you have enough space for a house on your property, building a modular house is easy and inexpensive. On the other hand, if you have a plot like me, it is not so easy anymore. I needed several modules of different sizes, which would have increased the cost. That way I would have to pay roughly the same amount as if I were building a normal regular house. This is also the case for all the other modular houses mentioned above.

What I really liked about their constructions is that they build houses without using water. I’ve heard of problems with some concrete houses that used water containing some salt – this led to serious problems afterwards! I also liked their fire protection methods, where they use different levels of panels (sometimes made of cork) mounted on the outside walls.

The cladding of the houses is metal, which makes sense for this type of house (no water and so on), but it’s something I don’t like. This is just my personal opinion, but I think these houses look too futuristic for me. When I raised this issue, I was told that I could have a different, normal-looking cladding as well- but that would make absolutely no sense anymore because then I could also build a normal concrete house and not have to use this new method of modular houses. I am glad that they told me so and because of that I can only recommend their company. If you like these kind of modern looking houses then check out their Instagram, you will be impressed!

A modular house is not for me

Do you know any other (maybe new) company in Madeira that builds modular houses? Or do you own such a house? I would love if you could share your experience in the comments below. As already indicated, I decided agains a modular house. The reason is simply that the propery I own is a little bit too winding and therefore not suited for such a house. But more on that in another post. Peace out, lotsa love, Hana.


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