There is a beach in Paul do Mar?

Paul do Mar is located on the soutwest coast of Madeira island, it is actually the most western point on shore you can reach by car. It is one of those places that seem a little boring the first time you visit. There are not many tourists around and it generally seems that there is not much going on. What a mistaken belief! There is so much to do there, in fact so much I cannot write it down in just one blog. So let me focus on the beach life in Paul do Mar.

Yes there is a beach.

The beach in Paul do Mar usually never gets mentioned anywhere and this is the reason why mostly locals visit it. It also does not really look like a beach but more like a promenade next to the ocean with many rocks and a pier. Actually, there are two places I would recommend to get into the water in Paul do Mar: on the most eastern and on the most western part of the promenade.

Get a SUP!

The first time we stepped into the ocean in Paul do Mar was when we went stand-up-paddling with a local friend. I have to say, we love stand-up-paddling in Paul do Mar! There is no rental shop, so you will have to bring your SUPs or book a guided SUP tour in advance and ask to go to Paul (or ask around if someone has some SUPs in their backyard). You can either paddle in direction of Jardim do Mar or you head west into the big unknown. Paul do Mar is the most western village directly on shore, so when you leave heading west there is absolutely nothing other than the big blue ocean, sometimes some turtles and the most dramatic cliffs. Take care though because there might be big waves and it might also be a little too risky if you don’t feel so comfortable on a SUP. So it really might be a good idea to get a guide for this trip! There is also a rock which the more adventurous of you can climb – cliff jumping is cool!

Or, in case you love jumping into the water but have no SUP with you, you can stay on the eastern side of the promenade (where all the boats are) and jump from the pier. From this part of Paul do Mar you can even see a waterfall from the ocean – further up is where our plot is.

Snacks and drinks in every corner.

During summer the bars in Paul do Mar are full with locals and sometimes some tourists, it was during summer that we discovered that there actually was a beach. You can use the pier or one of the nicer shaped rocks for sunbathing or you can stay next to one of the bars on the promenade and enjoy a drink or snack. The water is crystal clear and the cliffs behind the beach are stunning! It is a great place to get to know the locals or to feel like a local! I would say that the western part is more where the bars are and the eastern part is where you can find something to eat. There is also a nice cafe/restaurant right in the middle of the promenade, actually the first one on the right when you drive down the road to the promenade. We like to go there in the morning, get a coffee and sit on the opposite side of the street facing the ocean while watching some locals surf.

Talking about surfing… What Paul do Mar actually is famous for are the waves. There are always sufers around and you might get lucky and watch them surf the big waves (nothing for beginners though).

Our favorite part is in the east, we enjoy sitting on the pier, jumping into the ocean from the pier and watching the sunset. What a beautiful life! Peace out, Hana.


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4 thoughts on “There is a beach in Paul do Mar?

  1. The western swimming spot (opposite Maktub and Bar da Pedra) is known, by some at least, as the rampa or the ribeira. The eastern one is know as the cais or porto 🙂 snorkeling in that little bay on the Porto side is awesome! Seen a crazy amount of fish, crabs and tiny shrimp there

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    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you for providing more information 🙂 Yes, snorkeling there is really nice! We have also seen turtles there from time to time. So cool. Next time I will try to take some pictures.


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