What we own

This blog is supposed to act as a journal for all that we have experienced with buying our plot and all that’s yet to come with actually building the house. But it is likely not gonna be a very chronological story. Therefore, first things first: what do we own?

Well, the plan was to buy a small piece of land of about 400m2 – it got a little bit bigger than intended (around twice as much). In case you know the island you will know that everybody has some sort of ocean view. This is a very special thing for most people in the world, however not for people living on this island. Something not everybody on the island has is a plot with unobstructable ocean sunset view. Yes, unobstructable and ocean sunset – you heard right. By the way, what you see on the pic above is one of the first pics we took from the land.

Unobstructable implies it is located on a cliff, hence the name of this blog. Sunset view implies it is on the southwest coast of Madeira. It kind of belongs to a village about 500m above sea level but it actually is pretty far from anything and anybody else (except for our neighbor-to-be, but more on that in another post). And then this village belongs to a bigger parish, which in turn belongs to the municipality Calheta. We love it! Peace out and lotsa love, Hana.


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